State of Georgia

Open Meeting Minutes
Zoom Conference

Friday, October 16, 2020

This meeting of the Investigative Panel of the Judicial Qualifications Commission of the State of Langdale chaired the meeting and Ms. Kristen Bertsch served as Recording Secretary.

Investigative Panel Members Present:

Mr. Pope Langdale
Judge Stacey Hydrick
Mr. Bob Barr
Judge Verda Colvin
Mr. Dane Kirby
Mr. James Balli

JQC Staff Members Present:

Mr. Chuck Boring, Director
Ms. Courtney Veal, Deputy Director
Mr. Lance Alford, Chief Investigator
Ms. Kristen Bertsch, Executive Administrator
Ms. Kacey Baine, Intern

Other Individuals Present:

Mr. Richard Hyde, Hearing Panel

Chairman’s Comments:

Chairman Langdale called the meeting to order and determined that a quorum was present. Approval of the open meeting minutes from the September 18, 2020 meeting was passed unanimously.

Mr. Richard Hyde updated the Investigative Panel on the formal advisory opinion project with the University of
Georgia School of Law.

Chairman Langdale updated the Investigative Panel about his conversation with Justice Boggs regarding the procedure and formatting for the charging document of the Judicial Qualifications Commission. The Supreme Court requests that the facts listed be specific to each charge. The key issue for the formatting is to delineate each charge/factual basis and avoid grouping them all together. Chairman Landale,
Judge Hydrick and JQC Staff are scheduled to have a virtual meeting with Justice Nahmias and Justice Boggs to discuss more in detail.

Chairman Langdale discussed the formatting for the Investigative Panel meeting minutes and made suggestions.

Director’s Reports:

Director Boring updated the Panel on the recent Judicial Council meeting. Honorable Chief Justice Melton has lifted the restriction of Georgia Grand Jury Proceedings and plans to allow Jury Trial Proceedings before the end of this year. Some jurisdictions are now conducting Grand Jury Proceedings. Director Boring expects this will cause an increase of complaints.

The Investigative Panel decided that the outstanding meeting dates for 2020 will remain the same. The November 20, 2020 meeting will be held at Taylor English
Duma, LLP. A quorum has been confirmed. The December 18, 2020 meeting location is to be determined.

Director Boring informed the Investigative Panel about recent and upcoming trainings that the JQC will be presenting.

Director Boring has spoken with Representative Andy Welch about the Judicial Qualifications Commission requesting a budget increase for Fiscal Year 2022.