State of Georgia

Open Meeting Minutes
Zoom Conference

Friday, January 22, 2021

This non-regularly scheduled meeting of the Investigative Panel of the Judicial Qualifications Commission of the State of Georgia was held virtually via Zoom Conference, pursuant to JQC Rule 3(A). Mr. Pope Langdale chaired the meeting and Ms. Kristen Bertsch served as Recording Secretary.

Investigative Panel Members Present:

Mr. Pope Langdale
Judge Stacey Hydrick
Mr. Bob Barr
Judge Verda Colvin
Mr. Dane Kirby
Mr. James Balli
Mr. Warren Selby

JQC Staff Members Present:

Mr. Chuck Boring, Director
Ms. Courtney Veal, Deputy Director
Mr. Lance Alford, Chief Investigator
Ms. Kristen Bertsch, Executive Administrator
Ms. Kacey Baine, Intern

Chairman’s Comments:

Chairman Langdale called the meeting to order and determined that a quorum was present. Judge Hydrick’s motion to adopt the open meeting minutes from the regular December 18, 2020 Investigative Panel meeting passed unanimously.

Chairman Langdale informed the Panel that the Georgia Supreme Court issued a temporary JQC rule change that will allow judges to appear virtually at future Investigative Panel meetings. This rule change will be in effect for the duration of the Statewide Judicial Emergency Order.

Director’s Reports:

Director Boring inquired of the Panel about alternative Investigative Panel meeting locations for 2021. It was decided that the March 19, 2021 meeting will take place in Macon, GA at 10:00am. Mr. Selby will arrange the location site.

There being no further old or new business for discussion, the Open Meeting was adjourned at 1:10pm.