State of Georgia

Open Meeting Minutes
Macon, GA

Friday, March 19, 2021

This regularly scheduled meeting of the Investigative Panel of the Judicial Qualifications Commission of the State of Georgia was held at The Methodist Home for Children and Youth in Macon, GA. Mr. Pope Langdale chaired the meeting and Ms. Kristen Bertsch served as Recording Secretary

Investigative Panel Members Present:

Mr. Pope Langdale
Judge Stacey Hydrick
Mr. Bob Barr
Judge Verda Colvin
Mr. Warren Selby
Mr. Dane Kirby (joined by phone)

JQC Staff Members Present:

Mr. Chuck Boring, Director
Ms. Courtney Veal, Deputy Director
Mr. Lance Alford, Chief Investigator
Ms. Kristen Bertsch, Executive Administrator
Ms. Kacey Baine, Legal Intern
Ms. Yosra Khalifa, Legal Intern

Chairman’s Comments:

Chairman Langdale called the meeting to order and determined that a quorum was present. Judge Colvin’s motion to adopt the open meeting minutes from the regular February 19, 2021 Investigative Panel meeting passed unanimously.

Chairman Langdale informed the Panel that his term as Chairman of the Investigative Panel will be expiring in June 2021 and recommended that the Panel begin to think about who they would like to elect as the new Chairman.

Director’s Reports:

Director Boring updated the Panel about the Statewide Judicial Emergency. Director Boring explained that some jurisdictions are beginning to hold jury trials and he expects we may see an increase in complaints regarding the Judicial Emergency Order, CDC guidelines, and whether judges are complying with the Order and CDC guidelines.

Director Boring notified the Panel that the JQC Budget request is steadily making its way through the legislature. The House of Representatives has approved a portion of the JQC Budget request and now it will move to the Senate Appropriations Committee for a final vote.

There being no further old or new business for discussion, the Open Meeting was adjourned at 10:20am.

These minutes were approved by the Judicial Qualifications Commission.


Pope Langdale, Chairman

Charles P. Boring, Director