State of Georgia

Open Meeting Minutes
Atlanta, GA

December 6, 2019

This meeting of the Investigative Panel of the Judicial Qualifications Commission of the State of Georgia was held at the State Bar Center in Atlanta. Mr. Pope Langdale chaired the meeting and Ms. Phyllis Motes served as Recording Secretary.

Commission Members Present:

Mr. Pope Langdale
Mr. Richard Hyde
Judge Stacey Hydrick
Judge Verda Colvin
Mr. James Balli
Mr. Bob Barr
Mr. Warren Selby

Others Present:

Mr. Chuck Boring – Director
Mr. Will Lasker – Staff Attorney
Ms. Phyllis Motes – Case Manager
Lance Alford – Investigator


Upon motion and second, the Minutes of the November 15, 2019 Open Meeting were approved.

Chairman’s Comments:

Chairman Langdale called the meeting to order and determined that a quorum was present.

Chairman Langdale began the meeting by welcoming everyone. He recognized the new Director, Chuck Boring, and stated, “he has hit the ground running.” He then turned the meeting over to Mr. Boring.


Mr. Boring began the Director’s Report by discussing the formal advisory opinions proposal which was previously discussed at the November 15, 2019 meeting. Mr. Boring and Mr. Lasker will first review all of the formal advisory opinions that are currently on the Judicial Qualifications Commission website. They will then
determine which opinions should be deleted or revised.

A brief discussion followed among the Investigative Panel regarding who was responsible for actually writing the opinions. Mr. Hyde moved that Mr. Boring and Mr. Lasker determine who had requested the opinion. Mr. Barr seconded the motion, and it was unanimously approved.

Mr. Boring then discussed his initial proposal for the Judicial Qualifications Commission’s Retention Policy. Mr. Boring will continue to refine the Retention Policy. He may present the finalized version at the January meeting.

A brief discussion followed among the Investigative Panel regarding the Judicial Qualifications Commission’s records.

Mr. Boring then directed the Investigative Panel’s attention to the recently updated internal contact list.

Mr. Boring then discussed the most recent financial report. He stated that the Judicial Qualifications Commission is on track with the 2019 budget, but he added that more funds will be needed for investigation. He is also looking at ways to cut costs going forward.

Chairman Langdale then brought the question of whether Governor Kemp has appointed a new member to the Hearing Panel. A brief discussion followed among the Panel members.

Judge Hydrick then suggested that future meeting minutes may need to be recorded digitally for purposes of accuracy. Discussion followed among the Panel. Mr. Boring said that he will do further research on the suggestion and report his findings to the Panel at the next meeting.

There being no old or new business for discussion, Mr. Hyde moved to close the open meeting and go into the closed meeting. Mr. Barr seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

These minutes were approved by the Judicial Qualifications Commission on January 24, 2019.
Pope Langdale, Chairman
Charles P. Boring, Director