-Commission Overview

The Commission is comprised of ten members. Seven members serve on the Investigative Panel and three members serve on the Hearing Panel.  The Investigative Panel is responsible for investigating and prosecuting allegations of judicial misconduct. The Hearing Panel is primarily responsible for adjudicating hearings when the Investigative Panel brings such charges of misconduct.


Investigative Panel:

  • Judge Stacey Hydrick
    Atlanta, GA
    Judge Member – DeKalb County Superior Court
  • James Balli
    Vice Chair
    Atlanta, GA
    Attorney Member – Taylor
    English Duma, LLP
  • Mr. Bob Barr 
    Atlanta, GA
    Attorney Member – Law Offices of Bob Barr

  • Mr. William P. Langdale
    Valdosta, GA
    Attorney Member – Langdale Valloton, LLP

  • Judge Victoria Darrisaw
    Albany, GA
    Judge Member – Dougherty County Superior Court

  • Mr. Warren Selby
    Macon, GA
    Citizen Member – President and CEO of Warren Associates, Inc.

  • Mr. Stephen Green
    Savannah, GA
    Citizen Member – President and CEO of Stephen Green Properties, LLC

Hearing Panel:

  • Judge Robert McBurney
    Presiding Officer
    Atlanta, GA
    Judge Member – Fulton County Superior Court

  • Mr. Richard Hyde
    Atlanta, GA
    Citizen Member – Balch & Bingham, LLP

  • Mr. Dax Lopez
    Atlanta, GA
    Attorney Member – DelCampo Grayson & Lopez LLC

Commission Staff

Courtney VealDirector
Ashton MurphyDeputy Director
Jonathan McFarlandChief Investigator
Kristen BertschExecutive Administrator
Marsha PetreaAdministrative Assistant