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Opinion 123

The Commission has been asked for an Advisory Opinion as to whether a pro hac judge may act as treasurer of the campaign committee formed to help re-elect another judge.

This question must be answered in the negative in view of the provisions of Rule 4.1(A)(3) which provides as follows:

(A) A judge or a judicial candidate for public election to judicial office shall not:

(1) act or hold himself or herself out as a leader or hold any office in a political organization;

(2) make speeches for a political organization or candidate or publicly endorse another candidate for public office; or

(3) solicit funds for or pay an assessment or make a contribution to a political organization, or purchase tickets for political party dinners or other functions, except as authorized in Rule 4.1 (B). 

[Pertinent Code of Judicial Conduct provisions: Rules 1.2(B), 4.1(A). Cross reference to other relevant opinions for review: #5, #7, #22, #41, #56, #58, #85, #106, #123, #163.]

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