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Topics: Improper Public Comment

Opinion 60

Summary: While a judge may discuss procedures of the court in general terms for the information of the public, a discussion relating trial strategies to judicial decisions in a specific case would be inappropriate. A judge may not participate in any interview with respect to a case tried, so long as...

Opinion 110

Summary: A judge may participate in a TV documentary on athletics and drug and alcohol abuse at the high school level dealing with a former high school athlete who committed criminal offenses and is now incarcerated under a sentence imposed by the judge, if the time for appeal has passed, and no oth...

Opinion 150

Summary: It is inappropriate for a judge to serve as a reporter/commentator for a commercial TV station to provide news and comment with reference to ongoing legal cases in the courts. Issued: November 30, 1990

Opinion 174

Summary: A magistrate may appropriately describe in writing the role of the Magistrate Court in administering the local child abuse protocol, but no magistrate should personally participate in child fatality investigations. Issued: October 23, 1992

Opinion 176

Summary: A sitting Georgia Court of Appeals judge may accept appointment by the President to serve on the Board of Directors of the federal State Justice Institute. Issued: October 23, 1992

Opinion 231

Summary: Although the current Code of Judicial Conduct contains no absolute prohibition against private meetings between trial judges and jurors, existing case law strongly discourages such meetings and the Commission concludes that the far better practice is for all communications between judges an...
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