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Topics: Misuse of the Prestige of Judicial Office

Opinion 2

Summary: A judge may not be an active objector to a public utility's request to the Georgia Public Service Commission for an increase in its rates, and may not actively participate in the hearing before the Commission. Issued: September 26, 1975

Opinion 9

Summary: A judge could properly write recommendation for employment, professional licensure, or further education where judge personally acquainted with character and ability of person referenced, and no circumstances otherwise exist which would indicate impropriety. Issued: January 29, 1977

Opinion 10

Summary: A judge could serve as guardian for elderly aunt in Florida in view of close family relationship and fact that such service would not interfere with proper administration of judicial duties. Issued: February 10, 1977

Opinion 14

Summary: A Judicial District Administrative Judge may properly appoint son-in-law of another judge in the district as Administrative Assistant. Issued: July 23, 1977

Opinion 17

Summary: A judge should not assume chairmanship of church fund raising drive; nor should a judge serve as member of development council the function of which would be to raise funds to provide private financial support needed by the University of Georgia School of Law. Issued: October 27, 1...

Opinion 21

Summary: Note: After this Opinion was decided, the judicial office of Justice of the Peace was eliminated from Georgia government; the principles underlying the Opinion, however, retain merit relative to other judges. A Justice of the Peace should not (1) solicit claims; (2) receive claims, whether...

Opinion 24

Summary: A judge should not permit name to be listed on letter soliciting funds for any educational, religious, charitable, fraternal or civic organization. Issued: February 25, 1978

Opinion 30

Summary: A judge should not write a letter to or otherwise communicate with a parole board concerning the grant or denial of a parole to a prisoner, except when the judge presided at the prisoner's trial and imposed the sentence the prisoner is serving or unless responding to a specific request for ...

Opinion 31

Summary: Part-time State Court judges are not disqualified from practicing criminal law in the superior courts, but should at all times avoid impropriety and the appearance thereof and as well as keep the functions of judge and practicing attorney completely disassociated from each other. Issued: J...

Opinion 32

Summary: Subject to considerations of impartiality, business involvements, and judicial duty, the ownership by a judge of a corporation for the restoration and resale of antique automobiles would not in and of itself constitute improper conduct. The ownership and operation by a judge of a priv...

Opinion 58

Summary: A Superior Court Judge's secretary, who had been a member and secretary of the County Democratic Executive Committee for many years, may serve in that capacity, unless it was undertaken or conducted on behalf of the judge, or the judge undertook to influence or control the secretary's activ...

Opinion 61

Summary: If judicial publication and distribution of a proposed newsletter is carried out strictly in the manner represented and without interference with the judges' primary commitment to the proper performance of their judicial duties, such publication and distribution will not violate the applica...

Opinion 64

Summary: A judge may write a letter to the Clerk of the Supreme Court approving the petition for reinstatement of a disbarred attorney of the local Bar, in view of the fact that, under Georgia Bar Rule 4-301, the judge is one of the constituency whose approval is mandated by the Rule, and the recom...

Opinion 68

Summary: It is inappropriate for judges to appoint their spouses or other immediate family members to serve as their personal secretaries. Issued: February 22, 1985

Opinion 74

Summary: Use of a judge's name or personal stationery to solicit registrants for a travel tour is prohibited, but a judge may serve as a lecturer or speaker or officer of the organization promoting the tour. Issued: October 25, 1985

Opinion 103

Summary: Directors of Georgia Legal Services Program are not involved in providing legal services or raising funds, nor does the organization have issues before the Magistrate Court and, for that reason, a part-time Magistrate may serve as a Director provided such service does not interfere with the...

Opinion 105

Summary: Service by the Chief Judge of the Atlanta Municipal Court on an advisory board formed to review and give advice concerning the operation of the Court would not violate the Code of Judicial Conduct, unless participation by the judge interferes with the proper performance of judicial duties, ...

Opinion 111

Summary: The appointment of a retired Senior Superior Court Judge as Judge of a Municipal Court would not constitute a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct, but might result in suspension of the Senior Judge from that position while holding the office of Municipal Court Judge. NOTE: The Georgi...

Opinion 112

Summary: It is permissible for a Chief Magistrate to appoint as a Magistrate a lawyer who is the spouse of an Assistant District Attorney in the judicial circuit. Issued: April 22, 1988

Opinion 115

Summary: It is improper for a judge to serve on the advisory panel of an organization known as "End Violence Now", because judges should not become associated as activists with particular causes. Attendance by a judge at an educational seminar for prosecuting attorneys or for defense attorneys wo...
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