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Topics: Bias/Prejudice/Partiality

Opinion 110

Summary: A judge may participate in a TV documentary on athletics and drug and alcohol abuse at the high school level dealing with a former high school athlete who committed criminal offenses and is now incarcerated under a sentence imposed by the judge, if the time for appeal has passed, and no oth...

Opinion 130

Summary: If the terms are reasonable and fair, a newly appointed judge, who upon withdrawing from a law firm under arrangements involving certain guaranteed payments plus a percentage of fees generated in certain contingent cases, would not be required to disqualify. However, if the judge entertains...

Opinion 132

Summary: It is appropriate for a convicted drunk driver to be required to meet for stated periods with a panel of victims of drunk drivers, provided such appearances are properly supervised, and it is equally appropriate for the judge to establish and administer such a panel, provided that doing so ...

Opinion 133

Summary: After a judge has been listed along with other Council leaders in a letter inviting numerous people to attend a breakfast meeting, the purpose of which was to solicit contributions to the Boy Scouts which followed closely on a request for assistance by way of time and money in meeting a goa...

Opinion 150

Summary: It is inappropriate for a judge to serve as a reporter/commentator for a commercial TV station to provide news and comment with reference to ongoing legal cases in the courts. Issued: November 30, 1990

Opinion 151

Summary: A city attorney, whose duties include assistance in the drafting and adopting of criminal ordinances, is an employee of a law enforcement body and therefore disqualified by conflict of interest from serving as a municipal court judge. (Note: O.C.G.A. 15-1-8 together with Opinion No. 183 rev...

Opinion 174

Summary: A magistrate may appropriately describe in writing the role of the Magistrate Court in administering the local child abuse protocol, but no magistrate should personally participate in child fatality investigations. Issued: October 23, 1992

Opinion 176

Summary: A sitting Georgia Court of Appeals judge may accept appointment by the President to serve on the Board of Directors of the federal State Justice Institute. Issued: October 23, 1992

Opinion 178

Summary: A part-time municipal court judge may serve on a Public Safety Coordinating Council established by a city police department, unless such service operates to cast doubt on the judge's capacity to impartially decide issues that may come before the court. Issued: January 29, 1993

Opinion 240

Summary: A part-time Juvenile Court judge, who is allowed to practice law in courts other than his or her own court and who also periodically presides as judge over custody cases by assignment pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 15-1-9.1 from the Superior Court Judges within his circuit, may not represent a par...
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