Opinion 139

An Administrative Law Judge has asked for an Advisory Opinion as to whether it is appropriate for him to serve on the Board Of Directors of Christian Heritage School, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization under State and Federal law which currently maintains a Christian school consisting of six grades.

He states that in an effort to publicize the school, Board Members are often asked to speak before civic groups and other organizations to inform the public as to the school’s existence and educational program. These presentations give general information about the school such as its history, purpose and program, but do not pressure anyone to attend the school. Frequently a slide program showing school activities and staff is utilized. The judge states that he would not solicit funds nor would he accept any funds on behalf of the school.

In the opinion of this Commission, it would not be inappropriate for the Administrative Law Judge to serve on the Board of Directors so long as he does not directly or indirectly participate in the solicitation of funds for this school. See Opinion No. 133.

[Pertinent Code of Judicial Conduct provisions: Rules 2.4(B), 3.7(B)(2). Cross reference to other relevant opinions for review: #15, #17, #24, #37, #43, #89, #117, #133, #138, #145, #146, #161, #164, #186.]

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