Opinion 210

An opinion is requested on the propriety of the following political conduct:

Is it appropriate for a candidate for Judge of the Superior Court to publish a newspaper advertisement with the following language appearing immediately below his photograph:

Paid for by Candidate

Send Contributions to

Committee to Elect (Name to Candidate)

Address (Omitted)

Phone No. (Omitted)?

Canon 7(B)(2) provides in pertinent part:

Candidates … should not themselves solicit campaign funds … but they may establish committees of responsible persons to serve and manage the expenditures of funds for their campaigns . . . .

Measured by this standard, the political advertisement quoted above is technically in violation of this provision, and accordingly, the issue posed must be answered in the negative.

The Commission reminds all candidates, including incumbent judges, of the Applicability provisions of Canon 7(C) and urges full and immediate compliance with the requirements of this opinion.

[Pertinent Code of Judicial Conduct provisions: Canons 7(B), 7(C). Cross reference to other relevant opinions for review: #56, #85, #90, #106, #120.]

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