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Opinion 55

The Judicial Qualifications Commission has been requested to give an opinion with respect to the following questions:

1. May an incumbent judge use his official letterhead stationary and envelopes (paid for at his own expense) in his campaign for re-election?

2. May an incumbent judge refer to himself as judge in his campaign for re-election and advertising connected therewith?

3. May an incumbent judge use a photograph of himself seated at his bench wearing his judicial robe in his advertising for re-election?

In the opinion of the Commission, none of the foregoing political conduct is prohibited by Canon 4 or violates any of the other Canons of the Judicial Code. For that reason, each of the foregoing questions, is answered in the affirmative.

[Pertinent Code of Judicial Conduct provisions: Rule 1.2(B), 4.2. Cross reference to other relevant opinions for review: #56, #83, #90, #167.]

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