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Topics: Request for Formal Opinion

Opinion 3

Summary: A judge may not serve in a fiduciary capacity, on behalf of a non-family member, although named in a will executed before, but where the testator dies after, the date the Code of Judicial Conduct becomes effective as to that judge. Issued: December 03, 1975

Opinion 4

Summary: A public official of a municipality, who is not subject to a judicial candidates's direction and control, may serve on that candidate's campaign finance committee. Issued: April 28, 1976

Opinion 15

Summary: A judge may accept travel expense benefits to attend continuing judicial education programs at Judicial College of Georgia contributed by charitable foundations and the like, as well as by lawyers solicited by State Bar under system where contributing lawyers' names not disclosed; but judg...

Opinion 18

Summary: A Superior Court Judge should not serve as a member of a board of education for county area vocational technical school. Issued: October 28, 1977

Opinion 34

Summary: A Justice of the Peace cannot also serve as a police officer. (Note: Since rendition of this opinion, the judicial office of Justice of the Peace has been eliminated from Georgia government, but the principles underlying the opinion retain merit relative to other judges.) Issued: August 10...

Opinion 66

Summary: Directors of the State Board of Worker's Compensation, when serving as hearing officers or exercising judicial functions, are subject to all the provisions of the Code of Judicial Conduct. Issued: January 30, 1985

Opinion 111

Summary: The appointment of a retired Senior Superior Court Judge as Judge of a Municipal Court would not constitute a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct, but might result in suspension of the Senior Judge from that position while holding the office of Municipal Court Judge. NOTE: The Georgi...

Opinion 236

Summary: A part-time Magistrate judge, who also practices law, may not represent a litigant in a de novo appeal in Superior Court of a case that originated in the Magistrate's own court. Issued: May 11, 2007

Opinion 240

Summary: A part-time Juvenile Court judge, who is allowed to practice law in courts other than his or her own court and who also periodically presides as judge over custody cases by assignment pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 15-1-9.1 from the Superior Court Judges within his circuit, may not represent a par...
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